5 thoughts on “a case of sudden death”

  1. Don’t know the cause of the scarring. The membranous septum in the opened LVOT looks unusually large. A patient with trisomy 21?

  2. no history of other illness or suggestion of underlying chromosome/genetic condition.
    normal childhood development.
    was very fit by all accounts.

    1. the LV scarring looks quite regional, but I presume that there was no sign of any previous occlusive lesion of the circumflex artery and no history of drug usage such as might cause arterial spasm?

  3. Not much in the way of abnormality from the images, looks very focal (or regional as Helen suggested). The heart is big, and the fat and fibrosis in first picture of the LV histology are striking. How much fat & fibrosis do you need to be significant? I guess the answer is not much if it is in the wrong place and causes arrhythmia. So, in the absence of a cause for a regional insult, it’s either A(RV)C or SADS (ie. something other than morphology).

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