3 thoughts on “a case of restrictive cardiomyopathy”

  1. Agree that this is not a normal heart with far too much interstitial fibrosis. I think genetics are important here. Was a piece of fresh spleen kept? I would also discuss this with a cardiologist who has an interested in genetic cardiomyopathy.

  2. on this evidence one can accept it as a cardiomyopathy, but I would agree it needs genetic analysis.
    I also would recommend electron microscopy to consider Fabry/mitochondrial myopathy etc.
    is the FH positive for cardiac disease?

  3. I have no information about family history but will enquire further. I did keep some spleen frozen so there is potential for genetics. What would you ask them to test? Or would you simply refer to cardiologist and let them take it further?
    Thanks for the suggestion of EM. It’ll have to be on paraffin blocks though.

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