4 thoughts on “Possible Takayasu’s ??”

  1. I’ve never seen a case of Takayasu arteritis before but after reading up on it I think it could be. Does it fit with the clinical picture? How old was the patient? Is the patient dead or is this a surgical resection specimen? The differential diagnosis of Behcet’s, Buerger, giant cell arteritis, Kawasaki and RA should be considered.

  2. my experience is limited to burnt out cases with scarring and either aneurysm dilatations or stenosis. however, the pattern of inflammation does not appear correct for Takayasu’s instantly. was the patient on immunological depressive therapy?
    I would not exclude other arteritides and potentially even sepsis.

  3. Should an infective aeitiology also be considered e.g. mycobacterial/fungal infections? I’d do a silver stain/ZN for what it’s worth… And correlate with any microbiology results/sereology and perhaps travel hx.

  4. The clinical context is important too, how old was the patient? What vessels are involved? Is it just the aorta? I agree with the other differentials worth considering and infective causes is a good suggestion.

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