UK CPN meeting

The date for this year’s meeting has been fixed for 7.10.2022.

Making the booking, at the Circle here in Sheffield, it was clear that the on/off Covid rules have made the hosts cautious in defining how many will be allowed in for the room. At present, we are planning to have at least 30 possible in-person seats, and will endeavour to have some on-line for others.

I will update you later in the summer about projected numbers, but if you want to make a booking the please email me (

The topics for discussion on the day will include:

  • Obesity cardiomyopathy and the large heart
  • Post mortem CT scan and heart disease
  • Patterns of ischaemic heat disease
  • Basics of congenital heart disease
  • “What is it” cases
  • Heart dissection for the autopsy exam and referring cases


AECVP meeting

Dear all

The Association of European Cardiovascular Pathologists is hosting a meeting in Cambridge in September. Having been a member of this group for many years I can thoroughly recommend the meeting. This specialist meeting  will be hybrid in format…. part on line/in person.

The UKCPN will hopefully host some sessions. The meeting is recommended for those missing a cardiac meeting this year.

kind regards


Registration form – AECVP meeting Cambridge Sept 2021

Outline Programme at June 2021

2021 cardiac EQA

So, after a long break we are looking to conduct this year’s EQA run. There are two levels of engagement; with those acting as cardiac reviewers being scored with feedback. Those who wish to just do the assessment for educational purposes will be able to see the slide material and do their own scoring.

If you have previously been involved then you should get the notification as standard. If you wish to see the slide material and have not previously been involved then please await the post shortly announcing the website link.

best wishes

Kim Suvarna

hello all

I have had several enquiries about whether the meeting is happening tomorrow. at present the answer is YES.

UK schools, libraries, transport system, colleges and so on are still open.

so, the meeting is still due to take place, unless the health authorities or government instruct this not to occur.

however, I am aware that some countries are restricting air/other travel

if you decide not to attend, please email me ( to let me know, so I may adjust catering.

kind regards

kim suvarna


hello to everyone

this year we are doing mostly macro image EQA

much of cardiac pathology is macroscopic interpretations nd some histology

please see the pdf attached and then answer the questions on the separate sheet

please send forms back to me if you need certificates, but this comes with fee (payable to UK Cardiac Pathology Network or cash on day)

…. no fee for trainees or those just wanting education, but no certificate

2020 eqa

2020 EQA questions UK CPN

if you need just to review the results then await the meeting or web update after the meeting

I hope you find the EQA interesting and fun


kim suvarna