March 1st 2019 UK CPN meeting

Happy new year to all !

Here is the programme for the 2019 meeting. Please print out and complete as relevant…..remember trainees go free !!


Please send the form and any cheques back to me as indicated on the form. For attendees without a UK bank account, or others with difficulty paying by cheque please contact me.

The EQA is being sent out currently.  An on-line version will shortly be posted here.

best wishes

Kim Suvarna

GDPR brief comment

You will all be aware that your inboxes will have been filled with communications from various websites. The key issues to note are:

We have to send/receive data securely. (so please send anonymised data, eg the cases I post may have different ages/gender to the case and there is no patient identifier data)

We do not share data with other parties without permission. (so please use for teaching, but delete and do not use another formats/platforms)

We keep your data secure (the only data secured is your email contact data, apart from those listed as referral points). Please let me know if you wish me to remove you from the circulation list.

Any other thoughts do let me know, but I hope you will continue to use the forum for cases and information.

kind regards

Kim Suvarna