Right ventricular rupture

A case from Dr Agbamu

A 99 year old female who suffered a cardiac arrest at home and whose family “requested a PM be conducted to establish the exact COD.”

Right Ventricular Rupture3

He says that he thought this was going to be amyloid, but the Congo red is negative, and the Masson’s trichrome suggests that the material is collagen.

The underlying questions are,

  1.  Is “diffuse myocardial fibrosis” a recognised pathological diagnosis (as opposed to a description).
  2. If it is, what is the cause of “diffuse myocardial fibrosis”. Is it a consequence of senescence? Is the aortic stenosis (felt was minor) enough to account for it?
  3.  Is there another diagnosis?

march 2017


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Cardiac EQA series 5

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